How to Install FortiClient VPN on Android

Install and configure the VPN app

1. Install the VPN app from Google Play.  This will take you to the Google Play store to the FortiClient 6.0 (Legacy). You will need to click Install.

2. Once installed on your phone, click New VPN

3.  On the ADD VPN menu:

a.  VPN Name: Name the VPN any name that you would like.

b. For VPN Type: Select SSL VPN

c. Click Create

4. Once you click create, you should see the following screen:

5. Click Settings and do the following:

For Server put in and click ok

For Port put in 10443

For username put in the first part of your email before the @

Click the <---

6.  Click Connect

7.  Enter your TCC password, then click LOGIN

8. You will now be required to authenticate using the same procedure you use to sign in to Workday

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