How to Install FortiClient VPN on iOS

Open and configure the VPN app

  1.  From the Apple App Storeclick Get on the FortiClient 6.0 app. The link will take you to the Apple App store to the FortiClient 6.0 (Legacy). You will need to click Get to start the install.

  2. On the Accept the Privacy Policy page, click I accept.

  3. Acknowledge the upgrades authorized to you as a TCC user.

  4. Authorize the App to add a VPN connection by clicking Allow.

  5. The VPN requires approval via iOS passcode:

  6.  On the VPN page, click select connection:

  7. Select +Add Configuration:

  8. On the Add/Edit VPN menu, fill out the following information:

    a. Name: Name the VPN any name that you would like

    b. Host:

    c. Port: change to 10443

    d. User: Put in the first part of your TCC email before the @ symbol

    When you have filled in this information, click Save.

  9. Once you have completed the above step, the VPN as you have named it will appear. Select Done.

  10. Select the back arrow next to VPN.

  11. You are now ready to connect using the VPN client. Select the toggle button next to VPN.

  12. You will be prompted to enter your password. You will now be required to authenticate using the same procedure you used to sign in to Workday

  13. You are now connected. Minimizing the app will allow you to work while connected to the TCC network. Once your work is completed, you can come back to the app and toggle the VPN button to off to end your VPN connection to the TCC network.


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