How to Setup Microsoft Authenticator App from a Mobile Device

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) enhances the security of your TCC account by requiring an additional verification step beyond your password. This Knowledge Base article provides step-by-step guidance on setting up a YubiKey for MFA, adding an extra layer of protection to your TCC account.


a. When setting up the authenticator app, DO NOT sign into the app; instead, follow the instructions below. 

b. If you already have the authenticator app installed, skip steps 3 - 7. Instead open the authenticator app before following these instructions and keep it open until you are finished setting it up

c. If your TCC account appears on the authenticator app, remove the account before following these instructions, and skip steps 3 - 7. For instructions on removing the account, go to How to Remove an Authenticator Account


1. On your device, open a browser and go to and sign-in with your TCC credentials.

2. Tap Add method

3. On the Keep your account secure menu, Tap Download now

Note: Once you tap Download now, you will be taken to the Google Play or Apple App store. Download the Authenticator app

4. On the Data Privacy menu, Tap OK

5. On the Set up passwordless sign-in for your personal Microsoft account menu, Tap SKIP

6. On the Protect all your online accounts, like GitHub, LinkedIn, Dropbox, and more menu, Tap SKIP

7. On the Here for Work? menu, Tap SKIP

8. Go back to your browser. On the Start by getting the app menu, tap Next.

9. On the Setup your account in the app menu, tap Pair your account to the app by clicking this link.

10. Go back to your browser. In the Setup your account in the app menu, tap Next

11. Take note of the 2 digit code shown on screen.

12. Select the Approve sign-on? pop-up OR go back to the Microsoft Authenticator app.

13. In the Microsoft Authenticator app, enter the 2 digit code.

14. Tap Yes.

15. On the Notification approved menu, tap Next.

16. On the Security Info page, if the Microsoft Authenticator app is not your default sign-in method, please tap Change and proceed to steps 17 and 18.

17. On the Change default method menu, tap the down arrow, and choose one of the App based authentication methods.



18. Tap Confirm.


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