Connect to ScreenBeam from Android

ScreenBeam modernizes classrooms, conference, and meeting rooms with the latest wireless display technology. Wireless display gives presenters mobility to share content from anywhere in the room. 

To connect from an Android device:

1. First you will need to connect to the TCC_WiFi, TCC_Guest, or TCC_Event wireless network.  For more information, click here.

2. In your settings on your Android phone, open the ‘Wireless Display’ application. Note: The name of the Wireless Display application may vary depending on the device type and model. Refer to the device’s carrier or manufacturer user manual for more details.

3. A list of receivers will pop up on the screen.  This is the same name that appears on the "Ready to connect" screen on the destination monitor.   Find your ScreenBeam Receiver name and click to connect. 

4. Enter the PIN number displayed on the "Ready to connect" screen.


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