EaglePrint - Mobile Print Release

The printers in all the Library and Learning Commons public labs are configured with EaglePrint as "hold/release" printers. That means that print jobs do not come out of the printer after being submitted, where anyone could pick up the printouts and walk away with them. Instead, the jobs are held by the EaglePrint system to be released by the person who printed the job. This also allows the person printing to select which jobs to print and to discard earlier drafts to avoid unnecessary printing. EaglePrint Mobile Print Release allows users to release held print jobs directly from their mobile device. 


1. At the printer, scan the QR code on the printer
Note: If unable to scan QR code go to  https://eagleprint.tcc.fl.edu/mobile/release?#printers

2. Log in to your EaglePrint  account with your TCC username and password

3. Select the printer name shown below the QR code from the list of printers that are available
Caution: Selecting the correct printer name (shown below the QR code) is important. Sending a print job to the wrong printer may result in printing your print job to the wrong location.

4. Selecting a printer shows the held jobs that the user can release on the printer. Selecting the check box will allow you to select print jobs that you want to print. 

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