How to Set Up your New DocuSign Account for First Time Users?

Description: This process is for new TCC employees only. It needs to be completed only “once” prior to granting any new access to DocuSign. After this process has been completed, and IT has been notified, the security access for this account will be adjusted based on the ticket’s request submitted by the supervisor.

If you receive an email requesting to set up your new DocuSign account, you need to follow the procedure below. This is only for new users/hires that need DocuSign access.

1. Go to,  and sign in with your TCC email address.

2. If you are prompted to enter your TCC password after entering your TCC email address, please select the “USE COMPANY LOGIN” option instead of typing in your password. Continue to log in as usual.

4. You will see a page similar to the one below

5. Log out of DocuSign and reply to the email with " Subject: <Service Request ID ########> New DocuSign Access Request ".



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