How to Connect to TCC WiFi for Guests

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Connecting to the TCC WiFi for Guests on a Mobile Device

To register for 5 day guest WiFi access on TCC’s campus a valid email address and cell phone number is required because a message will be sent with the login information.

1. To register as a Guest do the following:
    a. Go to your WiFi settings on your device .
    b. In the list of available WiFi networks, choose:  TCC_Guest_WiFi. Click Connect if prompted.

2. A page titled TCC Guest WiFi Portal Page will appear. If not, open your web browser.
    a. Click the link Guest users click here to register under the blue Sign On button

3. On the Self Registration page:
    a. Type your first name in the First name field.
    b. Type your Last name in the Last name field.
    c. Type a valid email address in the Email address field.
    d. Type your Cell number in the Cell number field.
    e. Use the drop down list to select your Mobile carrier/provider. (If Cricket is your Mobile carrier/provider; please choose AT&T when prompted on the Self Registration page.)
    f.  Leave the last field blank.
    g. Click the Submit button to continue.


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