How do I complete a FERPA form for my information to be released to a third party?

The Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, or FERPA, prohibits the release of information from a student's file to third parties without consent of the student. 

Students who want the Admissions and Records office or the Financial Aid Office to speak with any third party, including parents, legal guardians or a spouse, must give permission to said third party in Workday.

To Grant a Third Party Permission in Workday, login to Workday using your student credentials.

1.    Select your student picture/cloud located at the top right of the Workday dashboard
2.    Select "View Profile"
3.    Select "Contact" from the menu bar located to the left
4.    Select the "Friends and Family" tab (To add a third party that is not listed, click the "Add" button and 
        enter the required information)
5.    To edit a third party that is listed, scroll to the right and select the "Actions" drop-down menu, then 
        select "Edit Friends and Family"
6.    Check the box "Is Third Party User"
7.    Click the "Done" button
8.    The "Friends and Family" tab will appear
9.    Scroll to the right and select the "Actions" drop-down menu again, then select "Manage Permissions for My 
        Third Party"
10.    Select the third party name you wish to manage and click the "OK" button
11.    Check the "Allowed" box for each task you want to grant permission to your third party
12.    Select the "OK" button
13.    The FERPA Release Authorization Waiver window will open 
14.    Enter a Purpose of Waiver statement in the box provided (example: "I am allowing my mother, Jane Doe, to view Financial Aid package.")
15.    Scroll down and check the "Confirm" checkbox 
16.    Select the "Submit" button
17.    Select the "Done" button

*This release can be revoked by the student, at any time, in Workday under the "Friends and Family" tab using the "Actions" drop-down menu and selecting "Manage Permissions for My Third Party".


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