When is it required to have a paper withdrawal form and a signature to withdraw from a course? Are there certain situations where I can't withdraw from a course?

The following students cannot withdraw online and MUST submit a paper withdrawal:

  • Athletes - Paper withdrawal form requires approval of the Athletic Director.
  • High school dual-enrolled students​ - Paper withdrawal form requires approval of High School Counselor and a TCC Dual Enrollment Advisor.
  • International students​ - Paper withdrawal form requires approval of the TCC International Student Counselor​. Note:  Withdrawals may affect an international student's required visa status.  

Students who stop attending without withdrawing will receive a grade of ‘F’ unless the instructor has issued an Administrative Withdraw (AW). It is at each instructor's discretion whether or not to use the AW.

Lastly, in accordance with State Board of Education Rule 6A-14.0301, students are permitted a maximum of two withdrawals per course. Students are not permitted to withdraw from a third attempt or fourth attempt and must receive a letter grade for the course.

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