What is the difference between dropping a class and withdrawing from a class?

You may drop a class within the first 5 days of the session for the class. If you drop your class, your financial aid may vary depending on your credit hours afterward the drop. During the first 2 days of the session of the classes, you may add classes to your schedule. There are no academic penalties for dropping a class.

Check the classes on your schedule in Workday to confirm your last day to drop with a 100% refund.  If you do not have financial aid, then classes that are dropped during the first 5 days will generate a refund for tuition that was paid. 

A withdrawal happens when you remove a class from your schedule after the drop period. You will not be given a refund and will be assigned a grade of W on your transcript. TCC recommends talking to an advisor before withdrawing from a class. In some cases Financial Aid my request funds that were disbursed to be repaid.

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