What's the difference between dropping a class and withdrawing from a class?

Life happens – and sometimes course withdrawals are necessary. You can drop a course through the 5th day of the term and receive a 100% refund. You may withdraw from a course without a refund until 67% of the course is completed. If you withdraw during this time, your transcript will show a “W” for the class grade.  

For more information on withdrawal policies, refer to the College Catalog. 

For withdrawal deadline dates, visit the Academic Calendar.

Online Class Withdrawal:

  • Log into Workday
  • Select the “TCC Academics" icon
  • Click "View My Courses" 
  • In the "My Enrolled Courses" window, scroll to the right and "click" withdraw for the desired course(s)
  • Click the "Confirm" box
  • Click the gold "OK" button to save your request

Withdrawal Exceptions

The following students cannot withdraw online and MUST submit a paper withdrawal:

Athletes - Paper withdrawal form requires approval of the Athletic Director.
​High school dual-enrolled students​ - Paper withdrawal form requires approval of High School Counselor and a TCC Dual Enrollment Coordinator.
​International students​ - Paper withdrawal form requires approval of the TCC International Student Counselor​. Note:  withdrawals may affect an international student's required visa status. 

​​Students who stop attending without withdrawing will receive a grade of ‘F’ unless the instructor has issued an Administrative Withdraw (AW). It is at each instructor's discretion whether or not to use the AW.

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