What does an advising hold mean on my account?

Students with an advising hold will be required to see an academic advisor. The Advising Center works with students to confirm a career and educational goal, design semester schedules that help balance school and life challenges, and map out the courses and other requirements related to their educational objective. Each semester, students who meet the following criteria will have an advising hold and receive information via email on opportunities to work on developing their plan:

• V3 Hold: Students who have fewer than 18 college credits

• V2 Hold: Students who have at least 18 credit hours and are enrolled in developmental courses

• VP Hold: Mandatory first semester workshop for new students

• Students who have at least 18 college credits but who have not declared a transfer major and transfer institution Students will be able to schedule individual appointments, participate in workshops and use open computer lab times to work on their plans.

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