How do I register for a class as a Non-Degree student?

A student not wishing to seek a degree or certificate from TCC but would like to take one or more classes is considered a non-degree student.  A non-degree student who wishes to take credit classes must complete the following steps:

1. Apply for Admission:

Complete the online admission application. You can access the Non-Degree seeking area of the application under the Apply Now tab located on the top of the TCC homepage at or by clicking Non-Degree Seeking Student.

2. Submit Non-Degree Form and Upload an Unofficial Transcript:

Submit a completed Non-Degree Course Request form in your Workday Student account each term of enrollment using the following steps:

  1. Log into your Workday Student account using your TCC ID and Password. 
  2. On your Workday homepage, in the "Applications" box, click the "Requests" icon.
  3. Click the “Create Request” button.
  4. In the drop-down box, scroll down and select “Non-Degree Course Request”, click the gold "OK" button.
  5. Complete your course request (must include your student id number and upload an unofficial transcript**).
  6. Click the gold “Submit” button.
  7. After submitting, return to the main “Requests” page.
  8. Click “My Requests” where you can view the request and its status.  Check back for updates. 

**To complete a non-degree course request, you are required to upload ONE of the following:
• unofficial High School transcript 
• unofficial GED transcript 
• or unofficial College transcript 

*Note: If prerequisite courses or test scores are not on file with TCC, an Unofficial College Transcript is required showing those requirements have been met. Please refer to the TCC Catalog for course prerequisites.

3. Register for Classes:

Once your Non-Degree form is approved, you will be able to register for your classes online if there are open and available seats. You can find steps to register here: Registering for Classes

​For questions regarding non-degree admission and registration, contact (850) 201-8555 or

Note: Non-degree seeking students are not eligible for Federal Financial Aid, Bright Futures, or Veteran's Benefits.

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