PLUS Loans - What are they and who is able to apply for them?

PLUS Loans for dependent students are available only to parents. The definition of parent is very prescribed and listed on the FAFSA. Simply by claiming a student on their tax form does not make the student their dependent according to the Federal Department of Education. You must be defined as parent to get a PLUS loan for a dependent student. The Parent PLUS Loan is a federal loan the parent listed on the FAFSA may apply for on behalf of his/her dependent student. This loan allows parents to take out loans for students costs. The federal government requires an approved application in addition to a Master Promissory Note (MPN). Parents who demonstrate appropriate credit worthiness are eligible to borrow a low interest loan, up to the cost of education less any financial aid received, for their student. TCC requires the student to complete the FAFSA and to have a valid ISIR or SAR on file with TCC's Financial Aid Office in order to process a PLUS Loan. Tuition and fees are not deferred for students awarded PLUS loans. PLUS loan applications are only valid for 90 days, after which time, they expire and cannot be used any longer.

The parent may apply at:

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