What are my VA Benefits?

Upon certification by the College and the VA, educational benefits are paid monthly to students. Payments are prorated for less than full-time training and training that is less than a full month. Payments are always issued after the month is complete. Summer term benefits may vary according to the length of the term in weeks and days. A standard semester is 15-18 weeks. An accelerated, or nonstandard, term is shorter than a standard semester. Enrolling in an accelerated term will affect the training rate.

Training time is computed as follows:

Fall and Spring Terms

  • 12 or more semester hours = full-time
  • 9-11 semester hours = three-quarter-time
  • 6-8 semester hours = half-time
  • Less than 6 semester hours = tuition and fees only

Summer Main Term

  • 7 or more semester hours = full-time
  • 5-6 semester hours = three-quarter-time
  • 4 semester hours = half-time
  • Less than 4 semester hours = tuition and fees only

Summer May Express and June Express Terms

  • 4 or more semester hours = full-time
  • 3 semester hours = three-quarter-time
  • 2 semester hours = half-time
  • 1 semester hour = tuition and fees only

Clock-hour Equivalents

  • 18 clock hours per week = full-time
  • 13-17 clock hours per week = three-quarter-time
  • 9-12 clock hours per week = half-time
  • 5-8 clock hours per week = less-than-half-time

Note: Because the first VA checks are delayed, it is advisable for veterans to be prepared to meet all expenses for approximately two months.

VA students can certify attendance online at www.gibill.va.gov (click on Verify Attendance/W.A.V.E) or at (877) 823-2378.

Note: On monthly housing allowance for Post-9/11 (Chapter 33): The full Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) is payable for all pursuit that is more than 50 percent of full-time pursuit. For example, where 12 semester hours would be full-time, the full BAH would be payable for all pursuit of more than 6 semester hours. Active duty members, individuals training at 50 percent pursuit or less, and individuals pursuing only distance learning/independent study are not eligible for a housing stipend.

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