What will happen if I drop a class or withdraw completely?

If you drop your class(es) by your session's posted last day to drop with a refund, your Financial Aid award that paid for your classes will be removed from your account, and you will not be responsible for any student loans that were accepted or receive any grant or loan funding. Please check the Academic Calendar for your session's last say to drop with a refund date or check your schedule as the date will be posted on the class.

If you drop your class(es) after the posted last day to drop date, it is considered a withdraw and you may end up owing back a portion of the Financial Aid received for tuition and if you received any Financial Aid refund. This only happens if you withdraw and/or fail all classes in a given semester, this is called Return to Title IV. The amount owed would be calculated after you have withdrawn or failed all courses in the semester.

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