How do I file a financial aid Satisfactory Academic Process (SAP) appeal?

For students to receive financial aid (State, Federal, or Institutional) they must be meeting Standards of Academic Progress (SAP). This involves making the required GPA within a specified time frame and successfully completing 67% percent of all classes attempted, in addition to not exceeding the set maximum attempted hours for the program.

Failure to meet all required parameters will result in a SAP failure and financial aid suspension until all SAP requirements are met or you are granted a SAP appeal.

Students must appeal their failure to meet satisfactory progress within 15 days of the grading period or after receiving notification (whichever comes first).

Procedures can be found on the TCC Website at

The appeal form can be found in your Workday account. Once logged into Workday, do the following:

1) Log into Workday with your TCC user name and password
2) On the left side of your Workday dashboard, click menu at the top
3) Select the Student Finance Hub from your list of apps
4) Once on the Student Finance Hub, click on TCC College Forms under the suggested links heading.
5) Then click on TCC College Forms a second time.
6) Click on “Submit New Form” to pull up a list of all available forms. Locate the Financial Aid forms and select the Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal form.
7) Complete the form and attach the required supporting documentation before submitting the form electronically.

When completing the appeal form, you must provide a personal statement explaining the mitigating circumstance(s) that caused you not to meet the standards. You must also upload third party documentation to support your statement for each semester that you did not pass your classes. All situations and each unsuccessful semester must be fully documented, including supporting letters on letterhead from counselors, doctors, ministers or other appropriate third parties.  Once your appeal has been reviewed you will notified via your TCC Outlook email.

For more information, visit the TCC website at

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