If I withdraw from a course, will this hurt my financial aid eligibility?

If your completion rate for all all classes attempted, which does include withdrawals and all letter grades earned, falls below 67%, you may become ineligible for Financial Aid. Students must successfully complete 67% of their courses in order to receive aid after their first year of eligibility. Withdrawing from a course does not affect your GPA, but it does lower the completion rate. For a student's first semester under a 67% completion rate, they will be placed on Financial Aid Waning, giving one semester to bring your completion rate up to or above a 67%.

If you stay below 67% after your next enrolled semester, you will be come ineligible for financial Aid until you meet the Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Aid. Students may also file a Financial Aid Satisfactory Progress Appeal form through your EagleNet account if you have a mitigating circumstances that you are able to document. 

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