How often can a student take/retake the PERT?

Every student can take the PERT test as many times as they want to.  The first attempt is free of charge and every subsequent retest will cost $4 per attempt.  If a student wants to retake the PERT they must wait 14 days before being allowed another attempt.  

The student can also retake the PERT after completing formal remediation, which can include attempting a developmental class or completing remediation with an approved remediation center/program. Students must provide a letter from the remediation center/program to the TCC Testing Center verifying completion of an approved remediation program.

If a student has taken the math section of the PERT several times and has made a genuine effort to learn the material but has been unsuccessful, the student may want to contact the Student Accessibility Services Office to discuss the possibility of being tested for a math disability.

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