What are the different types of Enrollment Statuses when determining how much Financial Aid I am eligible for while attending TCC?

Enrollment Status

Students who have filed a valid FAFSA and meet all other eligibility requirements for Federal Student Aid are given estimated awards based on full-time status. This initial award shows the most aid that would be available to the student.  Eligible enrollment statuses are:

  • full-time (12 or more credit hours)
  • three-quarter time (9 -11 credit hours)
  • half-time (6 - 8 credit hours)
  • less-than-half-time (fewer than 6 credit hours)

For the purpose of determining Federal Pell Grant award amounts, enrollment status is recalculated after the last drop date for the Main Session and again after the last drop date for each of the Express Sessions within a term. If a student withdraws from a class after a Federal Pell Grant has been paid for that class, then the withdrawn class will no longer count in the overall enrollment status for the term when enrollment status is re-calculated at the start of the next Express Session. In some cases this may result in a reduction of the award amount for the term. Conversely, a student who adds courses but does not withdraw may potentially qualify for a higher award if the additional class or classes changes the overall enrollment status for the term.


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