How to Submit an AskIT Help Ticket

Information Technology (IT) is your point of contact for all information technology issues. The IT Help Desk provides technical support to TCC students, faculty, and staff on a variety of College technology services.

1. Navigate to
2. On the Ask Information Technology page
          a. Click Submit a Help Ticket
















3. On the Information Technology Service Catalog page, select the desired category. In this example, we are using Email, Calendar & Office 365.

a. Click Email, Calendar & Office 365

4. On the Email, Calendar & Office 365 Service Desk page, select the desired service that best fits your issue.  In this example, we want to report a suspicious email that was received.

a. Click Report a suspicious Email

5. On the Report a suspicious Email page

a. Click Submit a Ticket

6. On the Sign In page

a. Type in your TCC username in the Username field
b. Type in your TCC Password in the Password field
c. Click Sign In

7. On the Report a Suspicious Email page

a.  Type a description in the Description field
b.  Click Browse to attach the suspicious email
c.  Click Request

8. Request Created Successfully, you will see a similar screen shown below.

a. Please note the Ticket Request ID



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