How can I apply for Financial Aid?

Students who apply for financial aid, and demonstrate need, will be issued a financial aid "package," or better known as an award letter, made up of one or more of the five basic sources of financial aid: scholarships, grants, service awards, loans and student employment. Though the Financial Aid Office makes every effort to meet a student's demonstrated financial need for educational expense with the sources available, it is not always possible to do so.  

TCC attempts to assist all students who demonstrate need for financial aid utilizing the programs we administer. Though the primary responsibility for funding a college education belongs to the student and his or her family, many students demonstrate need for financial assistance through the Federal formula for determining need, called Federal Methodology.

  1. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or the Renewal Application and list the TCC school code of 001533. You will receive a Student Aid Report, or SAR, through your email or thorough mail. It is important that you review your report making sure all information is correct.
  2. Complete the TCC Financial Aid Application. TCC has an institutional financial aid application every student must submit to be considered for financial aid. You will need to complete the TCC Financial Aid Application after we receive a copy of your analyzed FAFSA. The student receives a Student Aid Report (SAR) from the Federal processor. The financial aid application is submitted electronically via EagleNet under Financial Aid and Financial Aid Forms.
  3. If you are selected for verification, complete all required verification documents. Students selected for verification must submit all documents requested by the Financial Aid Office before an award can be issued. Please send all documents as quickly as possible as failure will result in delays. In most cases, it is the Federal Government who selects the student for verification, there are however instances when information seems inconsistent that the Financial Aid Office will select students for verification. Some students who fail to meet the matches with other Federal agencies may be required to submit documentation to verify the information they have put on their FAFSA. Some agencies that might return a failed match are the Social Security Administration, Immigration and Naturalization, and Selective Service. The Financial Aid Office will notify you via your TCC email account if any problems are identified in these areas and inform you of the action you need to take. A list of required documents will also be posted in EagleNet under Financial Aid Application Status.
  4. Inform TCC of all outside scholarships. Students are required to report all scholarships received from sources other than TCC to the Financial Aid Office. This is required by the Federal Government, and the funds received will be included toward the student's need for financial aid. You may also apply for TCC Scholarships online.

You may also find more information on applying for different financial aid sources here: Applying for Aid



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