As a parent of a TCC student do I have full access to all of my child's information while they are attending TCC?

No, unless the student has given written consent to TCC permitting the college to release their personal information to specific third parties. 

The Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, or FERPA,  prohibits the release of information from a student's file to third parties without written consent of the student. Students who want the Admissions Office, Advising Center and/or Financial Aid Office to talk with any third party, including parents or a spouse, must sign such release giving the staff permission to speak to the people identified on the release forms.  There are two distinctly separate forms and each form covers particular offices; the Financial Aid FERPA which covers all financial aid information concerning the student and the Admissions/Advising FERPA which covers all admissions and advising information concerning the student. For the Financial Aid FERPA form, it list listed as the Third Party Consent form in their EagleNet account and may be completed entirely online to give a third party access to a student's Financial Aid information. For the Admissions/Advising FERPA, students must fill out and complete the form in-person through the Admissions and Records Office in order for a third party to have access to their Admissions and Advising information.

These releases can be revoked by the student, at any time, by submitting a written request to the Admissions Office, Advising Center and/or Financial Aid Office. Requests sent to other offices will not suffice for adding or deleting people from the Admissions/Advising form or the Financial aid form. Such requests must be made in the originating office, no exceptions.

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