How can I take my online, Distance Learning, tests and/or exams while attending TCC?

There are a variety of testing methods used in online such as online assessments and project-based evaluation.  Contact your instructor if you have questions about testing procedures for your particular course.

Your instructor may require you to come to the Testing Center on the main campus to take exams.  If you are outside the Leon, Gadsden and/or Wakulla Counties and cannot travel to the Testing Center, you may fulfill the requirements by arranging for proctored testing in your area.  Additional fees may apply for tests taken at proctored sites.  Fees will vary site to site.

Visit the Proctored Testing website, ProctorU, or call the Testing Center at (850) 201-6440 for detailed information.  You must also contact the Testing Center to complete the process of obtaining off-site testing arrangements.

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