How to Access Security Awareness Training

KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training
Our new KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training is 30-60 minutes long and has a 10-question assessment at the end.

The course sign in page is located at: TCC Security Awareness Training

If you encounter any problems please contact the Information Technology Help Desk at (850) 201-8545 or

Important note: Be sure to close your browser if you need to step away from the course. When you come back to it, you'll be given the option to resume where you left off/ If you forget and leave your browser open, the course won't save your place.

1. You will receive an email from Tech Training:
    a. Open the TCC Security Awareness Training Campaign email from Data
    b. Click the link

2. On the Microsoft page:
    a. Enter your TCC email address
    b. Click Next

3. On the Microsoft page:
    a. Click Work or school account

4. On the TCC log in page
    a. Type your TCC email address
    b. Type in your TCC Password
    c. Click Sign in

5. On the My Training page
    a. Click Start Course

6. You may see the following page:
    a. Your assignment has been launched in a new window


7. Read the content disclosure
  a. Click Close

8. On the TCC Security Awareness Training page
  a. Click Next

8. Navigation instructions: Click the upper left menu icon to open the menu
    a. To view the audio script, click the Script tab
    b. To download the course resources, click the Resources tab
    c. To view Training related definitions, click the Glossary tab
    d. If you want to go to the previous screen or next scree,n click the PREV/NEXT button
    e. Click circular arrow to replay the the current screen
    f. To save you place, close your browser
    g. To stop the video, click the Pause button

8. When you have received a passing score
    a. Click Complete Training



10. If you would like to print your Certificate of Achievement:
    a. Click Print
    b.To record your training results; you MUST close your browser window when you are done with the course.