Branding: TCC Logo, Colors

It is important to establish standards in all communications to preserve the integrity of TCC’s identity and brand and ensure our success. Maintaining a high level of consistency reduces confusion, eases coordination across the College and projects the distinct image our community has come to recognize.

The TCC Identity and Branding System represents the sum of all visual impressions associated with the College that express our mission and create an impression on the viewer, including the TCC logo, colors, icons and more.

Logo – The official symbol and primary identifier of Tallahassee Community College

Icons – Images that represent specific departments, divisions or programs within the College that have a unique message targeted to a specific audience

These impressions and other images and graphics extend to College stationery, collateral materials, publications, signage, vehicles, digital displays, banners and anywhere else the College logo or icons are used.

Official Colors

Web Palette

Blue = RGB #005296 

Gold = RGB #e5b611

Printing Palette Blue

PMS287u (Uncoated Paper)   

PMS287c (Coated Paper)   

CMYK: 100/69/0/11       

Printing Palette Gold

PMS110u (Uncoated Paper)

PMS110c (Coated Paper)

CMYK: 2/22/100/8                                                               

Official Logo

The official Tallahassee Community College logo is the “wheel” version, which features TCC blue and gold colors, a white inner circle background, and the signature interlocking letters within. This version was adopted in 2005 and is the first choice for all uses and the foundation for all TCC branding.







Acceptable Logo Variations

Acceptable variations of the TCC wheel are the blue on white wheel, the blue on white wheel with no outline, and black and white versions of both of these.

The TCC interlocking letters are another option for branding. They may be used in TCC blue with TCC gold outline, traditional black with white outline, or solid white if on a colored background.

Logo Use

The logo must be prominently placed on the cover of all publications affiliated with the College. It may be resized (but no smaller than 1” in diameter), but it may not be modified in any other way. This includes, but is not limited to, colors, text size and shape.

The TCC logo shall be used solely in connection with College-related functions and shall not be used in a manner that disparages TCC, infringes on TCC intellectual property or other rights, or dilutes the goodwill associated with the TCC logo.

The logo shall be used for noncommercial purposes and pursuits, including, but not limited to, educational objectives, and shall not be used on anything containing immoral material or that in any way detracts from the College’s mission. Commercial use of the logo must be initiated through the Office of the Vice President for Administrative Services.

Obtaining Required Authorization to Use the Logo

Use of the TCC logo must be authorized through TCC Communications and Marketing by means of the TCC Logo Use Agreement (attached) . Permission is granted solely for the designated project. Use of the logo on any other product or merchandise, or on any externally produced material, requires additional approval.

Please print and sign the Logo Use Agreement, then scan it and send it to

Those who obtain approval will receive a digital version of the logo for their use on the authorized product.

Logo Size

The minimum size for the logo is 1 inch in diameter. The proportions/aspect ratio may not be altered in any way. If the item requiring a TCC logo is too small to incorporate a 1-inch TCC wheel logo, the interlocking TCC logo is suggested. When the interlocking TCC logo is used, the document must also have the words, “Tallahassee Community College” written out.

Clear Zone around Logo

The logo should be surrounded on all sides by clear space where no other graphics, rules, typography or other elements are present. As a general rule, this clear space should equal one-half the height of the logo.

Logo Colors

The TCC colors are one of the most recognizable elements of the institution. Therefore, TCC blue and gold are the preferred representation of the logo. If they are not available or not suitable, black and white are acceptable.

Unacceptable Logo Variations

Except as stated above, no other variations of the logo are allowed in any College publications, both electronic and print.

  • The logo and logo elements may not be rearranged.
  • The typefaces may not be changed.
  • Proportions/aspect ratios must be kept to their original specifications.
  • Unapproved color combinations are prohibited.
  • The parts of the logo may not be re-spaced.
  • Use is permitted only with proper approval.
  • Discontinued or retired logos are prohibited.

Icons and Variations

A small number of unique icons have been developed for various departments, divisions and initiatives of the College. Contact TCC Communications and Marketing at for a list of approved icons.

New icon development is restricted to areas of the College that demonstrate a need to communicate to a specific audience. To request development of a new icon, please contact TCC Communications and Marketing.

A creative meeting will occur between the stakeholder and TCC Communications and Marketing  to establish a vision before the design phase can begin.

A department or division may outsource development of a new icon as long as the department notifies TCC Communications and Marketing before undertaking any design and includes TCC Communications and Marketing in the approval process.


TCC letterhead, envelopes and business cards should be used for all official correspondence and communications. Standardization helps to provide consistent institutional identity and to reduce design and printing errors that create unnecessary cost.

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