How to Unlock Your TCC Account

1. In a web browser navigate to:

2. On the Get back into your account page:
    a. Type your TCC Email Address.
    b. Prove you aren't a robot by typing the characters you see on the screen.
    c. Click Next.

3. Under Why are you having trouble signing in?:
    a. Select I know my password, but still can't sign in.
    b. Click Next.

4. On the Get back into your account page:
    a. Choose the contact method (in this example we chose call my mobile phone).
    b. Type your mobile phone number with area code.
    c. Click Call.

5. You will receive a call from a toll free number.
    a. Answer the call.
    b. Press the # key to finish verification.

6. You will see a screen that lets you know your account has been unlocked.

Now that your account is unlocked you can proceed to the page you were trying to access.

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