How to Register for a Class in EagleNet

1. Navigate and login to

2. On the Home page
    a. Under Quick Links
    b. Click Add/Drop Classes

3. On Student Registration page:
    a. Click the drop-down arrow
    b. Select the appropriate term
    c. Then click Select Term button

4. On the course Search Results page
    a. Complete only the items for which you are interested in searching. NO FIELDS ARE REQUIRED
    b. Click the Search Now button to search for classes matching your criteria

5. On the Course Search Results page scroll through the Classes Matching Search Criteria

6. To add a class
    a. Click the Reference Number (RefNum) button located to the left of the Course ID.

7. On the Class Schedule Report page
    a. Click the appropriate button under the course if you wish to drop or withdraw from a class. These actions can be canceled by clicking that button again.
    b. When ready to update your schedule, click the Update Now button to make your selections permanent

8. If there are no error messages
    a. Click the View/Print Schedule and Fees button

9. NOTE: Your schedule is not finalized until you click View/Print Schedule and Fees, and see the fee payment amount on a screen similar to the below image


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