Help Us Tell TCC’s Story

Please direct questions and comments to TCC Communications and Marketing at (850) 201-6049 or

How to Submit a Story Idea

Please use the Share an Accolade or Story form in the Team Dynamix system to suggest a student feature story. 

The Elements of a Good Student Story

We need your help with identifying students who would make a good subject for a feature story.

This might be a story about a student who has accomplished something remarkable, who has overcome significant odds to attend and succeed in post secondary education, or who has a particularly interesting background.

We most often look for these students in the months leading up to commencement in May, but we will take suggestions at any time of the year. The student does not have to be ready to graduate.

Caveat: Please do not tell the student you are suggesting him or her for a story. Discuss your suggestion with Communications and Marketing first, so we can let you know if we are interested in the story. If we are, we will ask you to get the student’s permission to share their contact info. We do not want to disappoint a student by giving him or her the impression that we will be writing a story when that is not the case.

Visit this web page for samples of stories running in the TCC Newsroom.


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