How to Request Phone Stipends in Workday

Note: Effective July 1st, the beginning of each fiscal year, the Wireless Stipends must be reassigned. Follow the below steps to initiate the Business Process.

1. From the Workday home screen, Type the Employee name in the search field and Select the appropriate name from the search results.

2. From the Employee Profile screen, Click Actions

3. From the Actions Menu, Hover over Compensation and Select Request Compensation Change 

4. On the Request Compensation Change screen, Change the Effective Date to "July 1st of the new fiscal year" then click OK at the bottom of the screen.

5. Click EditReason then Select Request Compensation Change > Allowance Change, then Select Allowance Change > Allowance Change

6. Click Check Box

7. Scroll down to the Allowance Section and Click Add

8. Click  under Compensation Plan

9. Click By Compensation Rule

10. Select  Wireless Stipend

11. Verify the amount of $45.00 monthly

12. Click Additional Details (>) to access the drop down, and enter the Fiscal Year End Date as the Actual End Date (June 30th of the following year). Note, the Actual End Date must not surpass the Fiscal Year End Date.

13.  Click the checkbox in the upper right corner, provide a comment and Click submit.


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