Rave Guardian Setup Overview

Safety is a top priority.  That's why TCC now offers Rave Guardian, a free personal safety service, available to TCC students, faculty and staff with a valid TCC email account.  This mobile app provides an opportunity to support users who are in need of immediate assistance by enhancing safety on TCC's campuses through real-time interactive features that create a virtual safety network of friends, family, and the TCC Police Department (TCCPD).

This page provides a brief overview of the steps you'll take when you open and configure the Rave Guardian mobile app for the first time. The following screenshots were taken on an iOS device, and the Android app looks similar.


Click here to download the Android app from the Google Play Store.

Click here to download the iOS app from the Apple App Store.


1. Download the app for your cell phone

2. On the Your Mobile Number screen
   a. Select your country
   b. Enter your mobile number
   c. Tap Continue

3. On the Verify Phone Number screen
   a. Enter the verification code
   b. Check the box to create an account
   c. Tap Continue
   d. If you did not receive the code tap Resend Code

4. On the Is this you? screen
   a. Tap Yes

5. On the Get Instant Updates screen
   a. Tap Yes

6. On the Ok, we get it screen
   a. Tap Allow

7. On the Stay in the Know Wherever You Are screen
   a. Tap Yes

8. On the Allow "Guardian" to access your location screen
   a. Tap Always Allow

9. On the Welcome to Guardian! screen
   a. Tap ok, got it

10. You'll see the main Rave Guardian screen. Tap any of the icons to explore and use the app's features

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