Manager Instructions to Approve Goals in Workday

1. From the Workday home screen Managers will receive in their inbox:
   a. Manage Goals: Employees Name
   b. Click Go to Inbox

2. On the Inbox page
   a. Under Actions
   b. Click Manage Goals
   c. Compare the goal presented on the employee’s most recent evaluation
   d. If the listed goal meets with your approval, click approve for each goal. The goal is moved from your Inbox to your Archive and is now in the Employees inbox to confirm their review and receipt of the goal

3. If the presented goals do not meet your approval
   a. Click Send Back
   b. Select the staff member that sent the goal
   c. Provide a detailed reason "The provided goal is incorrect, and should appear as follows: (Provide correct goal in detail)"
   d. Click Submit. The staff member will review, retype the goal and resend it to you for review and approval.



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