How to log into your email in EagleNet & Setup Security Questions for Self Service Password Reset

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1. Navigate to

2. On the Log In page:

    a. Enter your TCC User Name and Password or 

    b. Enter your Student ID and EagleNet PIN

    c. Click Logon

3. On the Eaglenet home page under Quick Links

   a. Click Student Email

4. Sign in to your Student Email

     a. Type your TCC Email Address.

     b. Type your Password.

     c. Click Sign in.


To setup security questions for Self Service Password Reset:

1. Sign in to
     a. Type your TCC Email Address.
     b. Type your Password.
     c. Click Sign in.


2. On the MyApps page:

    a. Click on your Name in the upper-right hand corner.

    b. Select Profile.


3. On the Profile page:

     a. Click Set up self service password reset.


4. Re-enter your Password.


5. On the don't lose access to your account! page:

     a. To configure Security Questions, click Set them up now.

     b. Select a question from the Security Question 1 drop down list.

     c. Provide the answer in the text box below the question.

     d. Scroll down to repeat Step 2 "a" and "b" for Security Questions 2, 3, 4 and 5.

     e. Click Save Answers.

     f. A green check will indicate that the Security Questions have been set.

     g. Click Finish.

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