Adding Chromebooks to TCC Wireless Network

1. In the lower right hand corner of screen
   a. Click the network icon
   b. Click on the gearwheel in the upper right hand corner

2. On the Network menu:
   a. Verify your Wi-Fi is on
   b. Click the down arrow to the right of Add connection
   c. Click Add Wi-Fi

3. On the Known networks menu:
   a. Faculty/Staff click TCC_Faculty/Staff_WiFi
   b. Students click TCC_Student_WiFi

4. On the Configure menu:
   a. Change EAP method to PEAP
   b. Change Server CA certificate to Do not check
   c. Under Identity type your TCC email address
   d. Under Password type your TCC password
   e. Click Connect

5. On the Wi-Fi menu:
   a. The screen will show the Connecting attempt. Once connected, Connecting will change to Connected.



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