How to Sign In to Workday

After you have setup your MFA preferences:

1. Navigate to

2. On the Sign in page
     a. Enter your TCC Email Address
     b. Click Next

3 On the Microsoft page ( If prompted )
    a. Select Work or school account

4. On the Enter password page
    a. Enter your TCC Password
    b. Click Sign in

5.  On the Approve sign in request page
    a.  You will be sent a notification to the device you set up for notifications (Phone, Mobile phone Authenticator app or Security key). This example uses Microsoft Authenticator.
    b. Check this check box, if you Don't want to be asked again for twenty-eight days
    c. If you do not have access to your notification device, click Having trouble? Sign in another way

6.  On the Remember Device? page, you have the following options: 

If you are on your own device: 
    a. Check the check box next to Remember this device
    b. Click Submit
If you are on a public computer: 
    c. Click Skip

7. You will receive an email with the subject "Security Alert: Signon from New Device" from
If you do not recognize this device contact the TCC Help Desk at (850) 201 - 8545


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