How to send and receive email using encryption

Email encryption is the process of disguising the content of your email message to protect it from being read by unwanted parties. Sensitive information such as social security numbers, passwords, login credentials, and bank account numbers are vulnerable when sent via email.

How to encrypt an email

1. To send an encrypted message, use the word "[ENCRYPTED]" (without quotations) in the Subject line of the email and send the message as usual.

2. Your recipient will receive an email with a .html attachment and instructions on how to open the email.

3. The recipient will sign in to view the message using their Office 365 credentials.  If the recipient is not affiliated with TCC, they may request a one-time passcode.

4. If they request a passcode, an additional email with the passcode will be sent to their email address.

5. Once the recipient's information has been authenticated, the message will display in the browser.

6. Please note: for the recipient to reply securely to the message, the recipient must reply from the message on the web.  Replying to the original message will send an unencrypted return message.



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