Request a New Non-User/Generic Account

What is this service?

This service is to request a new generic user and/or email account. 

The use of generic accounts is strongly discouraged. However, there are times when they are required. All generic accounts are treated as employee accounts and will fall under the same restrictions, with the following exceptions/requirements.

The following steps must be completed.

  • A request must be submitted which states what the account will be used for and the reason for the account.
  • The request needs to be approved by the Security Officer. If the Security Officer is initiating the request, then it needs to be approved by the Vice President for Information Technology.
  • The account must have a designated manager.  
  • The account will be created by the appropriate resource that has been authorized to create the account.

Who is this service available to?

Faculty, Staff

What are the expected response times for this service?

In most cases, you can expect a response from a technician within one business day and a resolution within three business days.

Would you like some self-help with this service?

Please see knowledge base articles to the right for some helpful information.



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