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How to Retrieve Electronic Test Scanning Results

The are two methods to retrieve Electronic Test Scanning Results

Method 1

1. Navigate to
2. On the Ask Information Technology page
          a. Click Sign In

3. On the Sign In page
       a. Type your TCC username in the Username field
       b. Type your TCC password in the Password field
       c. Click Sign In


4. On the Ask TCC page
          a. Click Services

5. On the Service Catalog page
          a. Click Ticket Requests

6. On the Ticket Requests page
     a. Click the Status Class field
     b. Check the Select all check box
     c. Click the Search button

7.  On the Ticket Requests page
     a. Click the title Test Scanning - Electronic

8.   On the Test Scanning - Electronic page
     a. Under Attachments you will find the results

Method 2

1.  Locate and open the the email subject AskIT Help Ticket #XXXXXXX Updated: Closed

2.  Click the link in the body of the email. You may need to enter your TCC Username and Password