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How to Reset Your Password

1.  In a web browser navigate to:

2. On the Get back into your account page:
    a. Enter your TCC Email Address
    b. Prove you aren't a robot by entering the characters you see on the screen
    c. Click Next

3.  On the Get back into your account page:
    a. Choose I forgot my password
    b. Click Next

4. On the Get back into your account page verification step 1
    a. Choose the contact method(in this example we choose call my mobile phone).
    b. Enter your mobile phone number with area code
    c. Click Call

5. You will receive from a toll free number
    a. Answer the call
    b. Press the # key to finish verification

6. On the choose new password page
    a. Enter new password
    b. Confirm new password
    c. Click Finish

7. You will see the page Your password has been sent.
Note: You will also get a Password reset notification email


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