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How to Report a Suspicious Email (Client)

The Phish Alert add-in for Microsoft Outlook gives you the ability to report suspicious emails. Phish Alert allows you to take an active role in managing the problem of Phishing and other malicious emails. This will provide IT with early warning of possible phishing attacks or malicious emails to take effective action to prevent security or network compromise.

How to report a Suspicious Email in the Microsoft Outlook client

You can report an email by:
    a. The Phish Alert button located on the Home ribbon of the Outlook Desktop client
    b. A right-click option on any applicable email(s) in Outlook.

A dialog box will open asking "Are you sure you want to report this as a phishing email":
     a. Click Yes
     b. OPTIONAL - click "Do not show confirmations again" to prevent this box from appearing in the future

Once reported, one of two things will happen:

1. If the email was NOT a simulated email, but possibly an actual malicious or phishing email, an AskIT help ticket will be created.

2. If the email was a simulated phishing attack from IT, it will pop-up a message stating you correctly identified a suspicious email and no help ticket will be created.


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