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How to Register for the Self Service Password Reset Tool

TCC now offers a simple means to empower users to reset or unlock their passwords or accounts.

As an end user, you can reset your password or unlock your account without having to speak to a person using self-service password reset (SSPR). Before you can use this functionality, you have to register authentication methods your administrator has populated.

1. Open the web browser on your device and go to
    a. Enter your TCC Email Address
    b. Enter your TCC Password
    c. Click Sign in

2. On the Additional info required page
    a. Click Next

3. The following options are available for you to configure and verify.
    a. Office phone is only able to be set by your administrator (If you are a student, you will need to set up the 3 other options)
    b. Authentication Phone should be set to another phone number you would have access to like a cell phone that can receive a text or call.
    c. Authentication Email should be set to an alternate email address that you can access without the password you need to reset.
    d. Security Questions gives you a list of questions your administrator has approved for you to answer. You may not use the same question or answer more than once.

Faculty/Staff Students

4. Provide and verify the information required by your administrator. If more than one option is available, we suggest that you register multiple methods to provide flexibility when another method is unavailable (Example: Traveling and unable to access your office phone)

To Setup Authentication Phone, please go to the link below:

To Setup Authentication Email, please go to the link below:

To Setup Your Security Questions, please go to the link below:


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