What is a transient student at TCC?

A transient student, "guest student", is a student who is enrolled at one college, but taking classes at another that will count toward their degree at their home institution. Generally, this happens when students don't live near their home college over the summer, but want to take a class or two to speed up the obtainment of their degree, or if for some reason they can't take a class at their home institution that they need to graduate. Follow these below steps to get started at TCC.

Transient Student instructions can be found at: Transient Student Instructions

1. Apply for Admission:

First-time, OUT-OF-STATE or students attending a private Florida college or university students should complete the online admission application. Apply - Transient Student

IN-STATE students should apply through the Florida Department of Education portal at FloridaShines. The state of Florida has a portal for electronic submission through the Florida Department of Education web page located at www.floridashines.org.  To get started, select "Take a course at another school" and follow the prompts. 

2. Submit a Transient Letter (Out-Of-State or Private Schools):

Students currently enrolled at an Out-Of-State institution or a Florida private college or university should follow these transient student instructions and submit a transient letter from the college you are currently attending (home institution) which will list the course(s) you have been approved to take at TCC (host institution). Contact your institution to find out an requirements they may have for transient study.

3. Register for Classes:

You may register for your classes once your transient application has been approved at both schools. You will receive notification of approval in your Florida Shines application portal.  To register for classes follow the step listed below. 

1. Sign in to Workday using your TCC username and password. 

2. Click "TCC Academics" located on your dashboard under Applications.

3. Under "Tasks" on the right side of the page, click "TCC Find Courses by Academic Period."

4. Type the academic period you want to register for (example, "Spring 2023" into the text box next to "Starting Academic Period" and press Enter. 

5. Check the boxes next to the session(s) you want and click OK (example:  January Express, February Express, January Main).
6. In the Search Bar, type the course code you want then click "Search" to display the list of available sections. 

7. Click the link to the section that works best for you. This will display information about the course you selected. 

8. After adding all of your classes, review the information and click the grey "Register" button at the bottom of the page. 

9.  A new page will show your selections and you will need to confirm by clicking the orange/gold “Register” button at the bottom of the page.  

CAUTION:  Do NOT use the orange “add to schedule” option. This will not register you for your course(s), but will simply put it in a shopping cart.

10. You may now view your registered courses or click on the TCC logo in the top-left corner to begin searching for your next course. 

11. Before logging out of Workday, review your schedule for accuracy by clicking the "TCC Academics" icon on your home page and selecting "View My Courses" from the "Tasks" list.

12. If you are able to view your schedule, and it is correct, congratulations!  Keep an eye on your student email for payment deadlines and communication from your instructors.

Help Sheets and Videos on how to register and more can be found at www.tcc.fl.edu/workdayhelp

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