How do I change my program of study and how do I change my intended transfer institution?

To change your program of study or intended transfer school, students should log into their Workday Account.  

The transfer major is the major program you intend to transfer into at a four year college or university.

  1. Log in to Workday
  2. From your dashboard, select TCC Academics from your applications panel
  3. On your Academics page, locate the "Tasks" section on the right side of the screen and expand it to show all tasks. 
  4. Select "Add My Intended Transfer Institution and Program of Study"
  5. In the next window, fill in the boxes marked “Educational Institution” and “Program of Study” (major) in that order as desired, then click the “OK” button at the bottom of the window.
  6. When prompted, click “Done.”
  7. After confirming the changes, click "View My Intended Transfer Institution and Program of Study" to review your selection.  

NOTE: If you are changing to a different Educational Institution and/or Program of Study, you must first change your Program of Study to “Undecided;” next, update the Educational Institution; and finally select the correct Program of Study. This will populate all choices properly.


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