What are the deadlines to file an Academic Suspension-Dismissal Appeal?

Academic Suspension-Dismissal Appeals

If you were Academically Suspended or Dismissed, you may submit an Online Academic Suspension-Dismissal Appeal Packet for committee review. If approved, you will be contacted and required to meet with an assigned Academic Advisor before you can register. If the appeal is not approved, full sanctions will apply and you will have to sit out the required period.

The Online Academic Suspension-Dismissal Appeal Packet must be submitted via the MyTCC app by the deadline.  No late forms will be accepted.

Appeal deadlines vary semester to semester, you can find the current deadlines here: Standards of Academic Progress (SOAP)

How to Submit an Academic Suspension or Dismissal Success Plan 

  1. Sign in to MyTCC
  2. Join and enter the Advising Center group
  3. Click on Resources in the Advising Center group
  4. Click on folder for "Forms"
  5. Click on "Advising Forms"
  6. Click on "Academic Success Action Plan"
  7. Complete and submit 
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