How many credit hours must I take in order to receive Financial Aid at TCC?

Students who have filed a valid FAFSA and meet all other eligibility requirements for Federal Student Aid are given estimated awards based on full-time status. This initial award shows the most aid that would be available to the student.  Eligible enrollment statuses are full-time (12 or more credits), three-quarter time (9 -11 credits), half-time (6 - 8 credits), and less-than-half-time (fewer than 6 credits). All classes must be required to complete your TCC degree program.

The actual enrollment status will be determined at the end of regular drop/add and will be one factor used in determining final award amounts. The estimated award may be revised if the final enrollment status is not full-time.  Federal Pell Grants and other grants may be reduced or canceled; however, Federal Direct Student Loan eligibility will not be changed except in cases where the final enrollment status is less-than-half-time.

For the purpose of determining Federal Pell Grant award amounts, students must be enrolled in all countable hours by the end of the first (main session) drop/add period. All express sessions must be included in this enrollment status. In most cases, hours added after the first (main session) drop/add period cannot be included in determining enrollment status for Federal Pell grant. If you enroll after the regular drop/add date and are receiving your initial award for the academic year, your financial aid award package will be based on the number of eligible enrollment hours indicated at the time of the initial award.

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