Request Marketing Support

What is this service?

Request help promoting an event, program or service to encourage the public, prospective students, current students, media or other audiences to sign up, participate, enroll, etc. Communications & Marketing staff will recommend specific methods based on the purpose, audience, timeline, budget, and other factors. Methods may include email graphics, brochures/flyers, ads (digital, print, TV, radio), signage, news release, community calendars, etc.

**Note: Some marketing services will require a financial commitment from your department.

Who is this service available to?

Faculty, Staff

How far in advance should I request this service?

Each type of supporting material requires a different timeline. As a general rule, we request 4-6 weeks notice for any new campaign, and a minimum of 2 weeks, for updates to existing designs. We request that all content provided be finalized and approved before we can begin work on any design projects. 

What is the expected response time for this service?

In most cases, you can expect to receive a response within 48 hours. We are happy to set up a consultation or brainstorming session with you in order to suggest the proper marketing tools. 



Contact or 850.201.6049


Would you like some self-help with this service?

Please see knowledge base articles to the right for some helpful information.




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