Getting Started with the Acer Chromebook

Chrome OS is the operating system used by Chromebooks. On a PC, the operating system is Windows, and for a MacBook, it is MacOS.  Similarly, your Chromebook uses Chrome OS.

If you have used Google Chrome, the browser, you will find this new operating system very familiar. On Chrome OS, you will use the browser, Google Chrome, to get things done.  You will also be using apps.  Before you begin, you will need a Google account and Internet access.  If you do not have a Google account, go to to create one.

To begin, plug-in your Chromebook and power it on.

At the initial screen, you will be prompted to select your language setting.  Select your preferred language and then click Let’s Go

Next, you will need to connect to a network, also known as Wi-Fi.  Select an available Wi-Fi network, then click Next

Please read the Google Chrome OS Terms and then click Accept and Continue

To sign in to a Chromebook, use your Google account then click Next.

Your Chromebook will then download any available system updates, so you automatically get the latest Chrome OS features.  Once complete, you will see the Welcome screen.



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