How to Update My Phone in Workday

1. Navigate to

2. Enter your TCC Username and Password
     a. Approve the sign in request with the verification method you have set up.

3. Click the Personal Information Worklet

4. In the Change column:
     a. Select Contact Information

5. On the My Contact Information Page:
     a. Click Edit

6.Scroll Down to the Primary Phone Section:

***Make sure your Primary Phone listed for you is correct.

Emergency notifications are sent to the first phone number classified as “Mobile”. If you have your mobile phone number listed as “Home”, you will not get emergency notifications. If you need to change the primary phone information, click the  to edit your phone number.

7. If your Primary Phone information is correct but you need to add a mobile phone number, click Add under Additional Phone.

8. Once you have the correct mobile phone information entered you will receive the emergency notifications via text message.


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