How to Update Your Phone in Workday

1. Go to and sign in with your TCC email address and password

2. In the upper right hand corner click your Profile picture or cloud icon

3. Click View Profile under your name

4. Select Contact from the blue field (on a mobile device, a. you may need to select More to see the Contact option and b. select Contact on the Contact page)

5. Verify your phone information is correct for home, work and mobile numbers

6. Select Edit on the top of the page to make any changes

7. Scroll down to the phone you want to edit

8. To make changes click the pencil icon next to the phone you want to edit

9. After you have edited the information select the check markicon next to the phone you edited

10. To add a phone number, click Add under Additional Phone

11. Click the orange Submit button at the bottom of the page

12. Review your contact information to verify changes were made successfully


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