How to Configure Extended Absence Greeting Using Your Phone to Record Your Greeting

This is a 2 step process that can be used to schedule extended absence greetings, as well as other types of scheduled greetings.


For this part, you will be recording the extended absence greeting.  If you already have an Extended Absence Greeting recorded, you can skip to part II.

Call the ESNA voicemail system:

  • From on campus: 1-9600
  • From off campus: 850-201-9600
    • When calling from off campus you will need to enter your extension when prompted.
  • Enter your voice mail password

You are placed at the Main Menu.

  • Press 4 for Mailbox Options
  • Press 1 for Greeting Options
  • Press 2 to Record your Extended Absence Greeting
  • Press 1 to accept or Press 2 to re-record your Extended Absence Greeting

Your greeting is now recorded and you can hang up.


Once you have recorded your greeting, you will need to associate the extended absence with a calendar time frame within Esna.

1. Open Firefox and navigate to
     a. Select Web Access

Web Access provides a means to manage your presence by creating and modifying locations, contact numbers and availability.

2. Select Office 365.

3. Enter your TCC Email address and select Next.

4. Enter your TCC Password and select Sign in.

5. Click Accept

6. From the Main Menu, Under Location, Select Calendar.

7. Click Schedule a Location


8. On the Schedule a Location Screen
     a. Change location to Extended Absence.
     b. Set availability to Unavailable (this should be done automatically)
     c. Enter a Name for the Calendar Event for Schedule Description (ex. Holiday Closure 2017)
     d. Choose Start and End date. Specify the start and end times for the event. You may enable the All day (24h) check box to have the event last for the entire work day. If you enter the wrong dates and need to change this please refer to step 6.
     e. Click Save and Close (located at the top of the screen). You have now successfully set your Extended Absence Greeting and can close your web browser.


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